Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Little Halloween Decor

Here are a few photos of some of the things that I put out for Halloween.

This is the top of the buffet this year.  You've already seen most of the things, up close and personal, but I thought I'd do a shot of the whole thing. 

Now you also get to see plaster board, a compromise that I'm not happy with, but had no alternative at the time, some very old wall and lathe, and some truly ugly paneling that is only there to hold back the falling plaster! lol

This kitty not only watches over a tea candle in her cauldron, but carries another one on her back.  When it is light, her eyes glow! 

She is VERY heavy, and was a gift from my daughter and daughter-in-law.  Actually Ms. Puss keeps me company year around, but feels that she needs center stage when the Halloween Season becomes prime. 

I find a lot of my pieces at local craft shows, or shops that carry treasures made by local talent.

My little Pumpkinhead Boy is rather shy, and likes to hide underneath the staircase, perched on the top of a humback trunk.  I keep the kitty quilt hanging there, in case he becomes frightened and wants to dive for cover!

Most of my decorations are reproductions. With the popularity and soaring prices of true vintage Halloween, even the more common items soon zoomed out of my comfort zone! 

But I love my repros, anyway! They create the mood, and make us smile!  This little witch greets people when they come to the front door.

And this the fretwork that I found in a salvage shop, and was installed between our parlor and dining room, complete with a little Halloween decor!

Thanks for stopping by this quick tour!  I'll post some more later!

Have a beautiful day!!


  1. I love repros too. I really love vintage Halloween! You have some awesome stuff! :)

  2. I love Ms. Puss!
    And the plasterboard adds to the ambiance!

  3. I love the little witch greeter, she is just awesome! Lots of really nice things.

  4. I just love your kitty, that is something I would want to keep out all year round' as well.
    Your decorations look wonderful!

  5. Tried your pumpkin trifle last night - yum, yum! Thanks for the recipe!

  6. The buffet looks darling, and ready for all those tricker treaters. Great post.


  7. Great decorations! I love the kitty quilt!

  8. Awesome, awesome decor! Love that quilt!

  9. Thank you everyone, for your very kind comments! I'll be posting some more photos of my Halloween in the next day or two. I guess I have more than I thought! lol

    Carolyn, I'm SO happy that like the trifle! Thanks for letting me know!

    Everyone have a great day!!!

  10. I love your decorations. You have a nice collection. And that Witch Kitty, Just too cute!


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