Monday, October 5, 2009

A Journey Begins With A Solitary Bloom

Ok, I'm still sitting here playing with slides. And unsuccessfully trying to get rid of that pesky glare. But I discovered something within my own computer programs. I thought I would scan "just one more" before heading outside, and proceeded to do so.

I've got three photo programs that I'm using. One that I've had for a number of years, and two new ones, to me. When I used one of the new programs, I scanned and saved, having to do little adjustment on the color, or contrast. I'm just trying to get rid of that glare. So I save it, then bring it up again in another program. The image is terrible!! Ditto for the third. So I use the original scan in each program, and eventually wind up with approximately the same image, but when they are reading one saved from another, the color shift and sharpness are way off. If I didn't have the original slide sitting here in front of me, and knowing what it is supposed to look like, how else would I know what the true image is?

My images can look great on my computer, but each of you has a different monitor, with different settings, so my photos may look terrible on your screen. .OR, they may look better! I'm trying to think positive here! On initial thought, I'm wishing for the days of less variables when we are looking at pictures.

Back in the "old days", when everyone sat in the same room, and viewed slides on the screen, we all assumed that we were all looking at them with the same appreciation of color and content, but is that really true? I'm thinking not. Aside from known physical diversities, such as color blindness, how do we know, what we are really looking at, is the way that it really is? How do we know what any other person is seeing? We don't. We assume. And aside from the physical aspects of what we see, there is the emotional imprint to consider too. What we each relate to in the image. What stands out to us, and what we don't see.

This whole investigation into me trying to get rid of some photo glare has lead me to the old philosophical question of what is real, vs. what we perceive to be real! Aaacckk!! All I wanted to do was have some fun, converting my slides, but even with such a simple task, I'm drawn to think of our relationships with everything around us. I think that it is truly time for me to go out and pull some weeds. But now, are they weeds, or misplaced plants? Aggressive, overgrown, destructive, evil crabgrass. Truly a weed!!! I go to attack and conquer!!

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  1. Oh those pesky philosophical questions, how they do sneak up on us! I believe Off! brand makes a spray for that ;).

    If crabgrass is a misplaced plant, then where would it actually belong?


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