Saturday, October 3, 2009

Halloween's Trick On Me!

I don't believe it! I just don't! Yes, yes I do. Confused? Me too. I'm frustrated, and truth be told, very angry. At whom, no one really, just the Fates, I guess. For They are truly messing with me.

Maybe if I had tipped the Fortune Teller a bit more, she would have given me a better reading.

As some of you know, my hubby has been ill, and unless a miracle happens, won't be improving, although he may remain as he is for years, and needless to say,I'm overjoyed to have him here with me, just as he is. It means that I am having to do more of the physical work around here, which I truly didn't mind, and now, apparently, since it seemed that I was making it look to easy, the Fates decided to throw another challenge my way. .

We are just back from another trip to the Mayo Clinic for my hubby, and while we were there, the pain in my groin became more intense, so I went to the office to get a clinic number, and hopefully an appointment.

Their procedures have changed now though, and although I got a number, I couldn't get in to see a doctor for 3 weeks or more! What the heck?? They advised me to go to the emergency room at their affiliate hospital. .so we hop on the shuttle (hopping is a great exaggeration, but preferable to describing how I actually felt), and after a very nice reception by the ER people, it is determined that I have not one, but two hernias! Yup! Women can get them too, darn it!!

Fortunately, I can still drive, so we are now back home, and on Monday, I get to start trying to find a surgeon, whether locally, or back in Rochester, and work out all of the logistics of getting those stupid, stupid holes repaired. Here it is, my favorite season, and I can't get out to do all of the things that need doing, and that I love to do. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On a VERY cheerful note, I would dance the Dance of the Ecstatic if I could, because I have a new camera!! Now to figure out all of the bells and whistles! I bought a Canon Rebel SLR! I've wanted a digital SLR for a long time, but was waiting for the kinks to get worked out of them, and the prices to come down. The only downside, until I get one, is that I can't take the true macro photos that I love, because I need the lens (s). I've found two that I am salivating over! But at least I have a working camera again, and can get used to the features and what it will do, while saving up my pennies!

Oh! And has anyone caught an episode of Eastwick? A very cute, fun show! You can watch the full length premire and second episode on-line.

Wishing everyone a glorious, hauntingly beautiful October weekend!!


  1. Oh so, so sorry about the hernias. They can be a real pain until taken care of. Just make sure that you don't over do it after the surgery or you will be in the same situation. Voice of experience, had the same ones "repaired" twice.

    So happy that you got your new camera! Looking forward to seeing your pictures.

    Enjoy your weekend, take it easy!

  2. Sending healing energy to you and your husband, hoping things will improve for you both!

    Loved Eastwick. Kitchy, but fun!

  3. Suzie,
    So sorry to hear your challenging news about your DH and yourself. ((Hugs)). Will keep you both in thought and prayer. Hope you'll bounce back up to be able to get into the season earlier than you anticipate.
    Love the camera - that style is one of my all-time favorites!! I keep hinting to DH that I NEED one of them LOL.

  4. Oh girl!! I'm so sorry to hear about your hernias! Good grief! Sending you BIG (((HUGS))) and healing prayers!


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