Saturday, October 3, 2009

First Photo With New Camera!

I'm working my way through the different settings on my new camera, but haven't cracked open the book yet. I'm too anxious to see how the photos look. At least I don't have a shortage of subjects, since I've put out some of my Halloween friends.

Since I've already pimped Scott Smith's work in an earlier post, It is now another Michigan artist, Joe Spencer's turn. Unfortunately for us collectors, he is a quiet artist, preferring to avoid shows like Ghoultide, but we can find his creations available in shops and on line. If you click on his name, you'll get to see some of his delightful style!

I found "Punkin Head" a few years ago, and when I saw "Lulie Leaf" just a few weeks ago, I knew before reading the tag, that she was created by the same person!

And now, when I see the photo, she is looking at Punkin like she is a little afraid that she too, is going to lose her head! She need not worry. She is a delight, just the way she is!

I'm having a bit of a problem putting text on the photos, but hope to figure out what is going on with that. It would be surreal for everything to work correctly with those challenges, wouldn't it?

It is rainy, chilly and a perfect October night! Oooooh, I love it!! Time to haul out the chili and soup pots!


  1. Whoooohoooo happy dancin for you!! The pumpkin folk are just darling - what a fun find!!
    I use to add lettering..that basics are can get the advanced stuff for about 25.00 a year - it is worth it!!!
    Happy dancin for ya!!! Hugs, Sarah


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