Sunday, October 18, 2009

Day Late!

But better than last month!  The New Moon means that it is time for my stitching related TUSAL Ort Jar. As part of YoYo's group requirements, you have to show all of the threads that you've accumlated from your stitching, from month to month, all gathering and mingling in the same jar.

Sadly, I don't have any additional threads since my September milestone.  Hopefully I'll be able to squeeze some stitching time in this next month.  Once the snow starts to fly, I'll have more time to set aside.

But in the meantime. .where is that jar?  I left it on the stand of my Ott light, but it isn't there!  

Waaait, I see it now. . .someone says that she is guarding it for me!  How very thoughtful!  Sometimes one of our furry friends decides that those threads would be ideal toys!  Nice to see that my Punkin Head doll has everything under control!

I think that it is time for a nice cup of hot sipping chocolate, with maybe a splash of Kahlua, for good measure! 


  1. Enjoy that sipping chocolate with a little Kahlua. Sounds really good tonight.

  2. Great progress on your TUSAL. Love your pic!

  3. Oh what a lovely jar, and that sounds so yummy. Thank you for the coco.



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