Monday, October 12, 2009


Sweet, thoughtful Becca, over at Magikal Seasons, has given me another award!  Now how NICE is that??  Thank you SO much! My heart is feeling all mushy.

Now, the hard part for me, to pick 10 people to also get this honor.  I go through so much torture, because everyone that I read, is more than worthy, that I can't make a decision to pass anyone by. So once again, I'm going to whimp out.

I truly mean this, if you are reading this post, then please, please copy this award for your own blog!  I don't follow blogs that I don't find interesting, entertaining, and thought enticing.  They are all wonderful, each in their own special way, and each one of you deserves more accolades than are out there!

I wish each and every one of you a very special evening! And if you are living where he habitates, may you find one of Jack Frost's beautiful etchings on your window in the morning!  Brrrrrrrr

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  1. Hi ~
    I found my way here through Michelle (The Vintage Sage). I am enjoying your blog!


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