Monday, September 21, 2009

Well Shoot!!! & My Ort Jar!

What I'm really doing, is NOT shooting. .with my camera, that is! Over the weekend, I tried taking a photo of my September Ort Jar, but no luck. Charged up brand new batteries. Same results. Total black screen. In doing a little research, I found out that the computerized focus module on my camera has failed. . permanently. . .this was a problem on the previous version of my camera, and they decided that it was so much fun having irate customers calling, and even bring a lawsuit against the company, that they continued with the same feature, built exactly the same way, for their new and improved model!

Of course, it is no longer under warranty, and in fact, have discontinued this model, not offering any type of service to it. Even when other's who had the similar problem, called repairs, they were told that even under warranty, it would cost at least $200.00 to attempt to fix it, without any guarantees that it would continue to work correctly for any length of time.

I had three cameras, all manual, of this same brand, that operated under harsh conditions for years and years. In fact, they are still usable. But my favorite brand of film has been off of the market for quite a few years now, even in the bulk cans that I used to buy. I gave my son all of my darkroom equipment, so I'd have to pay for processing, should I find another film that I liked. .all in all, I guess I'll be hunting for another digital to tide me over until I can buy the digital of my dreams!

So until I can pick up another camera, this will be the last image that you'll see here for a week or more, unless it is something that I can scan.

My August, 2009 Ort Jar! As you can see by the picture quality, I was finding it a challenge to get these photos done before it went completely black. I could only adjust it so much on the computer, so I greatly apologize for the quality of the image!

And of course, now is when I wanted to start sharing photos of my Halloween collection. I've been seeing some truly grand ones on other blogs, that only sparks me to buy more! Shame on all of you! lol

I had forgotten how lost I've felt when I don't have a working camera! It all came flooding back over me on Saturday! How spoiled we get, so quickly! All will be well though, eventually. If need be, I'll just start sketching what I would normally photograph! lol

Wishing everyone a glorious First Day Of Autumn!!


  1. Oh no, that's really crappy!I hope you get a new one soon...we love to see your stitching!

  2. I know what the camera thing is like,bummer. I love the background you have for your blog.Makes me think of pulling out the Halloween decortions.I'll wait a bit though.Have a great day!


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