Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thinking Pink!

It seems a little obtuse for me to be thinking "pink" when it is Autumn, and I'm in heaven, surrounded by obnoxiously wonderful, glorious shades of warm rusts, oranges, reds, golds & browns, but it is for a good cause.

Yesterday, I went in for my regularly scheduled hair cut, and I realized that Breast Cancer Awareness month is on the horizon. They had their pink posters up already, and the gals there are all getting ready to do up their "do's" by adding a pink streak. Even my admittedly, very conservative friend who cuts my hair has one dropped into her blond hair, underneath, so it seductively peeks out now and then, when she moves her head.

I didn't get one last year, because we were gone part of the month, and my appointment wasn't until the end of October, but I made up for it this year! I was the first of their clientele to get a BRIGHT pink streak right in front of my very short hair. It is supposed to fade out to a very pretty pink with repeated washings, and is supposed to last all through October, which is great! All for $5.00, all going to the American Cancer Society! What fun, for a good cause!

No, I don't have a photo. .yet! I hope to have a camera before this pink hair fades, but you can look at this cutie. .she takes a much better photo than I would anyway. .but her pink, is just about the same shade as mine.

Vicki, who cuts my hair, was laughing, asking what my daughters were going to think of Mom getting a hot pink streak dropped into her hair.

"Oh that Mom! She has a birthday, and now look at what she is doing!" lol I told her that I'd tell them to lighten up, and why I did it. Hopefully, they'll want to do it too!

Many salons in the area are taking part by doing the same thing. You might want to check around to see if any in your area are doing this too. .or suggest it to your favorite one. It is easy to do, isn't a forever thing, and it is for a very good cause.

Wishing everyone a day filled with love and laughter!

P.S. I've already scheduled to have a blue streak put in, in the Spring, for Prostate Cancer research.


  1. We go to the Paul Mitchell School of Cosmetology here in town called "The System." Being a Paul Mitchell school they are up on the lastest trends as I'm sure that all cosmo schools are.I bet we'll see lots of pink streaks coming out of there when we go next week to get my son's hair cut. I hadn't thought of doing that before for any type of cancer awareness but it's a neat idea. Breast cancer awareness is very important to me as we have had several cases of it in our family.My mom has been the most recent having been diagnosed two years ago and had a total mastectomy.She's in remission and doing great! Have a great day!

  2. I love it!!! And if I can find somewhere around me doing that, you bet I'm right there!

  3. I just won the Kreativ Blogger Award and I'm passing it on to you! Stop by my blog and pick it up, congratulations!


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