Friday, September 25, 2009

Magical Deviation

In between all of my errand running, I've been trying to fine tune my new scanner that my hubby bought for me. It converts my slides into digital images that I can easily use on my computer, and store on a DVD.

I've been disappointed with the quality of color, even after I do whatever I can, with my current software to make it look like the original. A dear friend has suggested another program, which I have yet to check out, but intend to try it very soon! Once I get started on a project like that, I delve right in, and I haven't had time lately to have that pleasure!

But late last night, while going through my slides, I came across one that I humbly got an award for in an area photo contest, and was blown away when the judge compared it to a Georgia O'Keeffe!

I had such a good feeling when I shot this batch of images, and they were always some of my favorites. I was also always very careful, when making prints of it, to make sure that the color matched as closely to the original as possible. .a very intense, orange/gold that knocked your socks off if you saw it in person.

So, I'm thinking. ."Oh, it's just this one slide. .I'll hurry up and scan it, so I can see it on my computer screen".

First stage is to put the slide in the tray, insert it into the scanner, and the scanned image shows up in the software. It looked great! Color was just about right on!

The second stage, is when you transfer it from that software program, to the photo program. Imagine my surprise when this showed up!

I did a double take! A triple take! I could not believe my eyes! Not just because of the EXTREME color shift, but because it was down right magically beautiful!!! I have a large computer screen, and this image filled it completely, drawing me in.

While you would rarely find this color of a fungi in nature (although there are some natural blue ones), this just astonishes me! I don't know what happened to the translation, but it is pure magic.

And I never would have experienced it any other way. I never thought about trying color changes on it. .I never thought that it would look any better than the original. Boy, was I wrong!! As a naturalist, no, this would not do, but as an art print? Oh yeah. . . . . SO much better!!! I can only hope that the color showing up on your monitor is as gorgeous as it looks on mine. A deep electric purple, with silvery edging. .pure magic!!

So now. .a question for you. . have you ever had Magical Deviations happen to you? Something SO unexpected that never would have happened, had a misstep or technical error, or something completely out of the ordinary never occurred? And how did you react to that surprise? Were you adverse to the result, or did you embrace it? Did you immediately decide that it wasn't correct, or were you open to the possibilities that it provided?

I've always loved doing abstracts of nature, or more likely, capturing the natural abstracts, zooming in to where the average eye can't see, or by distorting the botanically correct, for form and color, but I never, ever thought about shifting the natural colors to such extremes. This one image. .one little slide, has opened a door for me, and one I'll never forget! Now I'm even more anxious to explore these images that I haven't seen in so long! If you don't hear from me, you'll know what I'm doing!!!

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!


  1. Suzie, it is stunning! In answer to your question....I'd run with it!



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