Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fall & Halloween Addictions!

What is it about Fall and more specifically Halloween magazine issues that makes people's eyes burn brightly, and their reflexes become lightning quick, to grab as many different issues that catch their eyes, clutching their treasures, almost in cloaked secrecy until they get their prizes safely into a bag where enemy hands can no longer snatch them away?

Even the ones dedicated to landscaping have popped up in greater quantity the past few years. I can attest to that observation by my growing stack of publications that show me how easy it is to transform my weedy, now forlorn looking patch of green into a long lasting glorious glow of oranges and yellows. I confess, I do plant for Autumn. Nearly everything that is in my garden has foliage that turns into various shades of oranges and golds, with a few accents of dark red thrown in for contrast. I LOVE being out there when it is in it's glory! The air itself turns amber and it is like being inside a jar of honey! But more about that later!

Back to Halloween. . .

Like a lot of the other fanatics, I too am guilty of, I have snagging my share of Fall & Halloween issues anywhere that I can find them.

I am making an effort, trying to be practical this year, so I'm not buying ones that cater more toward costumes for children, or parties, since all of the costumes that I make are for grown children, who still seek out Mom's sewing skills when Halloween rolls around. (And usually a week before the big day, because they haven't decided what they want to dress as, or if they are even going to that big party, even though they do each year, and have a grand time!)

But decorating ideas, neat recipes, or Halloween art, and my pulse races and I start salivating! Not a pretty sight.

There are two publications this year, that stand out for me, one a traditional one for me, and one, a total surprise and delight!

The traditional one is Martha Stewart's Halloween. No matter what one may think of her (personally, I adore so much about her), that woman knows how to celebrate her holidays, with Halloween being a standout! I'm sure that everyone has seen her Halloween issue this year, but in case anyone has had blinders on at the grocery checkout counters, here she is with one of her absolutely gorgeous horses!

My surprise issue is in the form of the quarterly publication of Art Doll.

Before we left in August, I went to a nearby little town, to order my annual floral arrangement for my daughter's open house at the school where she teaches. She teaches art, so I always like to try and come up with something very creative, and had found this shop, where each year we put our heads together to come up with something fabulous! They have never let me down!!

Imagine my delight though, when walking through the back door, out of the sticky August heat, I entered into a darkened, ceiling to floor, magical fantasy land of Halloween! And not just any Halloween decor, but the folk art, reproductions of the 1800's and early 1900's, or the very creative new offerings in the same style. Everywhere I looked, I saw multiples of Halloween folk that were begging to come home with me! Flowers? Did I come in for flowers? I briefly wondered if my daughter would miss her annual bouquet! lol Surely she would understand that I was heavily under the influence, innocently entering, only to be drawn in and captured before I knew what was happening. Pretty heady atmosphere, that even the strongest would have a hard time resisting!

But, I persevered, after making one detour after another, I finally made it to the front desk to place my order. I truly couldn't help it that a couple of Halloween Spirits attached themselves to my arm, and wouldn't let go, no matter how hard I tried to shake or pry them off! And more than a few others made me promise in blood (mine) that I would be back to bring them back home with me, when we returned from our trip. I'm going to have to do some fancy talking to them, as to why I am delayed. But I digress.

Throughout the shop in strategic little baskets, were postcards with the Ghoultide Gathering show advertised in glorious 4 color processing. The button is on the sidebar of my blog. Bill, the ever so helpful enabler at the floral shop started telling me about Ghoultide, and how I should go this year. I already knew about it from years past, and was hoping to be able to go this year. He told me that a good friend of his, Scott Smith is a co-producer of the show, as well as the one in California, Halloween & Vine.

I told him that a blogging friend of mine, Lori, from Notforgotten Farm was going to be there, and from there we started talking about those flowers for my daughter.

A week later, I am standing in one of the Barnes & Nobles stores in Rochester, MN, looking for diversions to occupy my mind and time spent in the waiting rooms. My ever shifting and alert eyes fell upon the cover of Art Doll Quarterly, and I immediately snatched it up and held it close, in fear that someone might try and grab it away from me! I could not believe the awesome doll that graces the cover!! I was in love!! I couldn't even wait until we got back to our motel room, carefully opening and perusing it while we ate lunch. There are all sorts of wonderful Halloween creations in it, but I first sought out the article that went with the cover doll. .I KNOW that you are ahead of me here. .to my astonishment, and total delight, I find that this whole scenario has gone full circle! The doll, and the others featured in the article are the creations of none other, than Scott Smith! If you click on his name, you'll be taken to his studio site.

When I called the floral shop to tell them how much my daughter loved her floral creation, I told Bill that I had picked up the current copy of ADQ, and how in awe I am, of Scott's work. He told me that ADQ has sold out in all of the area's stores that carry it, and that no one can find a copy. I am SO happy that I bought mine when I did! In talking to the people at ADQ, they found out that it is one of the best selling issues they've ever had!

So, if you happen to see it at your local bookstore or magazine stand, pick one up, if only for as long as it takes you to see the cover doll, and the ones in the article spread. They are all truly awesome!!!

I see by the clock that my break time is up! Time to get back to the trunks and storage boxes, unearthing my own Halloween treasures. While he leaves the actual decorating part to me, Ed loves to see our home decorated for Halloween, so this year, they are all making an appearance extra early, so that we can enjoy them a little more before it is time to decorate for the next holiday! What fun!!!

This time of year is SO exhilarating, isn't it?

Wishing everyone a glorious First Weekend of Fall, and a Blessed Mabon Celebration!!

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