Saturday, September 19, 2009

Creative Spaces ~A Question And Answer Dialogue

Creative spaces. . .this was something that I've been carrying around, bouncing the concept off of the walls of my mind for weeks, and wanted to get everyone's input on their own creative space. If they are happy with it, what improvements they would make if they had carte blanc, to do so.

Is your creative space primarily in your mind, so that you can successfully create on a whim, whenever the mood and inspiration impales you with a lightning bolt, no matter where you are?

Or are you more comfortable with exterior sensory encouragement? If so, what lights up those creative synapse, and gets them sparking? Do other visual or audio features cause you distraction, or do you find them energizing? Do certain colors enhance your creative atmosphere, or adversely dampen it?

Do you have a dream room that you would give your eye teeth to have? What does it look like? Do you already have your prime creative center? How long have you had it? Does it work for you? What features have you found that makes you wonder how you ever got along without them? What would you do different if you were to build a new room? Do you still use it with any regularity, or do you find yourself bending to the habits of yore?

I'm hoping that Cindy F. will answer that. Her Mr. Right built her a gorgeous work space, and she has had time to get used to it now.

I haven't talked to anyone yet, who at least wasn't curious about other people's creative spaces, which is probably why two publications came out last year, and have had successful issues since. One is "Where Women Create, put out by Stampington & Co. The other is called "Studios", offered by the "Cloth, Paper & Scissors" parent company.

The current "Where Women Create" is out now, and the new "Studios" will be issued sometime in November, I believe.

I have all of the issues. I love seeing not only the individual features of different artist's work spaces, but the over all atmosphere and attitude of their space. I love the diversity, and how their work space reflects the tone of their completed work. Even more delightful, is when their studio and their completed works don't "jive" at all!

Right now, my "official" workspace is a disaster. I can't even work in it. I go upstairs, get the supplies that I need, and sit at our dining room table. But my dream of how I want my room someday, is firmly planted in my head, having thought out most of the features, and when I pan around the room in my dreams, and come to a raw, unfinished area, my mind sees a blank canvas, waiting for the moment when that perfect concept will fall into place. I've been anxious to get started on it, even though parts of it will be major construction work, but a couple of weeks ago, Ed tells me that when I do get my studio done, that he will miss me being downstairs with him. I told him that he could always come upstairs with me, and he looked forlornly at his beloved football game. The only way that I'll get him out of that chair at game time, is if I have a TV put in my studio, along with a comfy easy chair, which would not only take up a lot of space, but would negate my sometimes desire to get away from the noise of sports on TV.

But I'm not going to sweat it. Even if I do get my studio done in the next few years, there are worse things than hauling my supplies downstairs to work. At least I'll have a nice place, full of good energy to store everything, and who knows, I may just get Ed to start creating something too!

Soooooo, now. . .do you look at those creative spaces magazines too? Do you feel inspired by them, or do they make you feel worse? Lots and lots of questions for you! I'm anxious to read your thoughts! Thank you!!


  1. Oooh no but I wanna - wow I thinkI am part of the group on Facebook..but have never had a chance to expore too much!! I think maybe I will!
    LOL my creative space this time of the year creeps everywhere...finished pieces all over waiting to meet their new oners. Other pieces waiting for me to add finishing touches..and a huge pile of wood and canvas waiting thier turn. Geesh..I gotta get at it!!
    How are ya hon? I have been just swamped!!
    Hugs, Sarah

  2. I'm with you, Suzie! My room has become a disaster this past year (after actually being organized earlier) and it's my goal to get that rascal straight!

  3. I've been thinking about this post since I read it last week. I wrote a reply and went off on a bit of a tangent....If you would like to read it, I've posted it on my blog.


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