Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Another Black Hole

I found another black hole this morning, but this one is a delight to see again, after soooooo much time has passed. Do you recognize this one?

My darling sweetie, ironically, since my camera bit the dust, had ordered a converter for me, for my birthday. It converts my slides into digital images via my computer. So guess what I started playing with this morning?

As it so often happens, when you get one thing as improvement, you then have to buy more "new" to go with it. Now I've found that my photo software is totally inadequate for fine tuning the quality and color saturation of my slides into digital form. It is a bit frustrating to my color critical eye, that the digitals are not coming out with the same crisp, clear color that the original slides are, but that will be another acquisition for another time.

In the meantime, I'm rediscovering old photos, and making many a quick trip down memory lane, not only in the images that I'm seeing, but where I was when I was taking them, and the hours spent loading film canisters, with a 100 foot reel of film put into my bulk film loader.

Put all ingredients into a film changing bag, seal, and insert arms up to your elbows into the elastic bound sleeves, slightly cutting off the circulation in the very arms and hands that you need to function. Feel your way around inside of the bag, loading this huge spool into the loader, and closing it up properly so that no light would ruin that whole expanse of film!

Then after a delightfully long morning (always quit by noon, when the sunlight was too harsh so we got out there just as the sun was rising.), it was back home to develop the slides. I usually only developed 2 rolls at a time, but could do up to 6. I laugh when I think back about how I would sweat, when learning to load those first reels and put them into the light tight processing canister. Again, this all had to be done inside the bag. But like all things that require practice, pretty soon, I could do it with my eyes closed!

But, oh! The delight in taking the finished film off of the roll, to hang and dry! I could never wait to see them on the light table, and would get quick peeks, backlighting them with a flashlight.

Even though I had to throw away thousands of images that were ruined by a broken water pipe, I still have a nice stack to keep me busy until I can get my new camera! What fun!!

Do you recognize this "Black Hole" now?

Wishing everyone a beautiful day!


  1. Oh that's stunning. Do they have something that does that...OMG I an soooo in trouble!!!! How fun is that!!!
    K I would love some tea and a cookie now...pleeeease? Hugs, Sarah

  2. it looks like a feather. maybe from a peacock.


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