Friday, August 7, 2009

OK, I Caved ~

Ok, I give up. I truly gave it a good try. Almost a week. I had planned on making it until the end of August, but every time I logged onto my blog, I cringed. Maybe I subconsciously set myself up to fail.

It isn't that I don't like pink, because I do. It is a lovely color for some flowers, and it looks great on some people. Just not on me, nor most anything that I own. Right now, the only things that I can think of that I own, that even has any pink in it, is a patchwork comforter that my Mom gave to me, in the mistaken idea that things pink in color equate to Victorian decor.

I don't know how that idea came about, because Victorians counterpointed their laces and textiles with dark, rich colors. But her gift keeps us warm on winter nights, no matter the color!

In our home, usually starting in September, I start changing things, and adding Autumn & Halloween bits and bobs, here and there, until one morning you wake up discover that the whole house is decorated!

It is a little more difficult to morph a slow change on a blog without it seeming out of kilter, but I was spurred on by the change in the air that we've noticed, and little things here and there, like my mums are starting to bloom, and the geese are flocking together. Transitory birds are starting to show up, and are standing in line at the feeders daily. Locusts have been singing for a few weeks now. And the daylight is noticeably growing shorter.

Whatever the cause, I've learned that once I get that Autumn "itch", it cannot be ignored. It will keep pecking away at me, until I fully acknowledge it and not only accept that it has arrived, but revel in it as well.

I tried tempering it this year, playing around with adding a few more Halloween appropriate or related songs onto my blog every day or so, and maaaaybe would have made it until the end of the month. . oh, who am I kidding. .maybe another week, BUT, I was unceremoniously shoved right off the edge today, thanks to Mrs. B , and her Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom, Blog.

If you love the fun of Halloween, and haven't checked out her blog yet, then you should do so immediately! There is so much going on, and so much to read, she will keep you entertained for a good long while!

Just today, she started a new feature, where she goes to visit a blog that she thinks her readers will enjoy, providing the link, and some highlights of the blog. Today, she featured The Play of Light And Shadow, which, I found out, has some free backgrounds that are VERY attractive, among a LOT of other things! I love vintage Halloween, so I quickly made my choice.

On my screen, it is a little challenging to read against that background, so please bear with me. Now that I've opened up this can of worms all of the way, I may be changing it weekly for a while!

I don't like posting without giving you at least one visual to look at. I have an oldie, that was taken back in the 80's, by a photo buddy of mine. My wild furry friend first came out to see what I was doing, then proceeded to climb up on top of my tripod, and camera, then started up my arm. By the time he settled in, he had knocked off my hat, felt in all of the back pockets on my vest, curled himself over my shoulders and had settled in, closing his eyes, for a nice nap. There is a whole series of photos on a contact sheet, and I don't have an enlarger anymore. But I do have this one photo. Don't adjust the color on your monitor. .it is in black and white!

Before you all start sharing your concerns with encountering wildlife, I am well aware of them all, and always am non-aggressive, which is probably why they always come out to see what I'm doing. And when I've been in prime bear country, I've always taken all of the precautions that I can to let them know where I am, and I give them a wide berth. I have a great respect for all living things.

This is something that has happened to me over and over again, since I was able to walk, and is just a part of my life. And not just with raccoons. My greater concern is that they will then trust humans who are not so kind hearted, so have been relieved to see the animal(s) retreat into the woods whenever I've been with another human, and they get too close to the critter.

Whether you are able to explore the wild wildernesses, or the wilds of your backyard, I hope that your discoveries delight you as much as mine have provided for me!

And now that I have been the first to crumble, I expect to see some more at least Autumnal decorations popping up on more blogs, if not pure Halloween! The season is SO short, it is nice to stretch it out as much as we can! (Yeah, I can hear the moaning from the Summer lovers out there!)


  1. AWESOME!!! You tried to hold off, didn't you girl?!! Great background! Very fun!
    Hey, if the stores can bring out Christmas decorations in July, why not start Halloween in August?
    I love the pic of you and the raccoon! That is absolutely amazing how it just went up to you. You have a wonderful gift:)

  2. Love the new look, Halloween is such fun to decorate for. I put out more holiday items at Halloween, but seem to have some out year round too. Great picture with the racoon, they are such cuties, although boy can they cause trouble.

  3. What an awesome picture! I'm happy to take the blame for pushing you over the Halloween edge, lol!

  4. ahhhh...kindred spirits!!! i just found you. i put my fall wreath on my front door today! i decided i am starting early this year. when you have time check out my blog. i have been posting pics of a few trips recently but you might be intereted in looking at my witch collection. just click on it in my sidebar! i am following you know! i sound like a stalker!

  5. Cookies? You've got cookies?
    Lookin' good. So, how many halloween projects are finished?

  6. oh what fun! isn't the blog o'shere amazing! it will be a hoot to follow each other especially during fall. thanks for stopping by!

  7. I will not be changing my Blog background (come to think of it I don't know how to do that on Blogspot!) but I will be getting my Halloween bell pull finished and up! As you say Samhain is too short a time.

  8. Absoluteyl LOVE your blog! Totally awesome!

  9. I love your blog's new look! I can't hold back the Autumn itch either.

  10. I love your new look Suzie, in my favorite color!!! I've been fooling around with my blog also, it's just time for a change!

  11. LOL love your blog, but the background does make it hard to read, but it's cute anyway!

  12. Hey Suzie,
    Thanks for adding me to your blog list!


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