Saturday, August 1, 2009

Changes Afoot

I am SO itching to switch my blog decor to Autumn/Halloween, I can taste it! It is not for lack of "decorations", that I don't. I could change it daily from now until the big day, and still not run out.

It is a more of not wanting to rush into it. .anticipation is almost as much fun as the actual doing. For me, that is why THE recognized holiday, day is anticlimactic. *Poof* It is all over and done with, within hours! While the growing excitement, the slow decorating, begun early, and finished at the end of a week, stretches out the delight, and creates an atmosphere for the candy making, baking, card making, etc. What fun that is!!

But on a blog, it is rather hard to do that! So I'm making myself use great restraint, and compromising by changing the look for a bit. .a softening, before the big punch of the vibrant oranges, dramatic blacks, earthy browns, and haunting purples.

And my relatives deserved a rest. They have been posing on the top of my blog for a couple of months now, and in some very hot weather, too! I felt the temperature rise, just looking at those wonderful women, doing their best to stay cool, while fighting the heat rash that was no doubt creeping into uncomfortable places under all of those skirts and corsets.

My Grampa probably could have stood there a while longer, since he had a short sleeve shirt on, but he said that he would have felt so alone, so I let him go take a rest too. I told him that I will bring him back sometime, maybe with his baseball team that he played on locally.

One of my past passions, that consumed almost all of my time, was nature photography. I spent hundreds of hours outdoors, in all kinds of weather, capturing whatever caught my eye on film, then came home and developed it. Unfortunately, it is all on slide film, so I can't share those images until I get some sort of converter. And then I'll probably reject most of them!

I have a tendency to get more critical of my work as time goes on. I think I inherited that from my Dad who was an artist. He would throw away drawing and sketches, that I'd then rescue from the trash can, and try to smooth the wrinkles out. I'm now in the throwing role, and the rest of my family scolds me. I can't break with tradition though!

Another one of my passions has been planting native plant gardens, or more precisely now, to avoid invasive species, and to continue to replace as much turf grass as possible, with some plant that will benefit wildlife in some way, whether by shelter, food, nesting places, and safe habitats to raise their young.

We used to own an apartment complex, and we did replace almost all of the turf grasses there with native trees, shrubs, perennials and ground covers, both in shade loving and sun loving plants. It was wonderful!! When we sold the apartments, the one thing that was breaking my heart, was having to say goodbye to my gardens. The new owner assured me that he was going to keep everything in place, and signed an agreement to let me have seeds, cuttings, or whatever was appropriate, in the right season to do so, so that I could start anew here. He didn't honor it. Within weeks, when we had to drive back by on the way to an appointment, he had already removed most of the vegetation. If you go by there today, it is all turf grass again, or I should say weeds, and the whole complex looks like a dump. I admit. I cried.

Just today, 6 years later, I was finally able to look at some of the digital images of some of the plants that were blooming there. They were taken with a digital camera that didn't have a lot of features, let alone my favored macro lens, so they are more the floral images, than the artsy ones that I love to do.

The one in the header is of Michigan native roses, that are native to the area, not to be confused with the multiflora rose, which is a horrible invasive. I had two rose bushes that climbed up two trellises, and then continued on up onto the rooftop of the service building on the property. They put out the most wonderful fragrances, that attracted multitudes of bees and butterflies, produced huge rose hips that made the most flavorful tea and jelly. As soon as I am able, I want to find some more of these bushes, and plant some here, on the west side of our home.

Here is another little gem that grew like crazy. Who knew that there was a native cactus in Michigan!! Well there is! It is a Prickly Pear, and produces the most gorgeous blooms, that are only fully open for a day.

I love the delicateness of the petals, contrasting with the vibrant color!

I really miss taking photos like I used to do, and hope to be able to do so again, to some extent. I realize that not everyone looking at my blog is going to be interested in photos, like not everyone is interested in needlework, my paper cuttings, or anything else that I should turn out, so I truly appreciate the time that you use, to take a glance!

Wishing everyone a peaceful weekend!


  1. Sounds like we have a lot in common. I can often be found roaming my yard with camera in hand looking for some little hidden treasure to snap a picture of! A spider web, a bird's nest, even a weed! And I too mainly plant things that will benefit my backyard birds in some way! Berry bushes, shrubs for shelter and such! Please post your photos as you can!

  2. Oh I just love the pictures!! I had to I changed my bckground and header yesterday, I lingered over the Fall ones..I dooo sooo love those ones..would use them all year if I could. I am a Fall kind of girl. nearly 100 here not like it at all..makes Sarah a cranky girl.
    I for one love seeing all you do..can't wait till you post pics with your new camera..have you decided which one??
    I don't have a I took macros of my Dad's slides..kind of a pain but it worked ok. I had to edit them but..better than them sitting in an album somewhere.
    Hope you Sunday is lovey! Sarah

  3. Oh Suzie! Your blog is BEAUTIFUL...and your pics make it even more so! And I understand about wanting to change it to Halloween! I love that time with all it's fun decorations, cards, stitchings! I'm glad you're waiting just a bit to change your blog it will only make me want to stop and stitch a piece I have in my stash. I need to finish some things!
    Your garden sounded wonderful and I can't believe the new owner didn't honor your agreement! He must have been lazy and didn't want the work! Such a shame!!
    Friend, you should write a book because you definitely have the talent:) I'd buy it, no matter the subject!! (((HUGS)))

  4. Your pictures are beautiful - and your garden sounds as if it were lovely.

  5. Love all cactus blooms! Wish I could find time to relax and stitch. :)

  6. It's all I can do to hold off on halloween too, lol! Great prickly pear pic!


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