Wednesday, July 29, 2009

TUSAL & Other Goings On

Yes, my July TUSAL is again way overdue. This seems to be an emerging pattern, and not a good one. Yes, I did take my photo on the 22nd, but haven't taken the time to sit down and load it onto my computer, and then post it.

Part of the blame is all of you! (Isn't it convenient that I don't have to lay the blame in my own lap!)

When I sit down, I have very good intentions of updating my blog. .and then I get to reading what everyone else is doing, not only use up my computer time in reading all sorts of inspiring and humorous thoughts, and viewing gorgeous photos, but what I've been doing seems very dull by comparison, and I'm tired of thinking about it, let alone to write it all out!

So before I start having second thoughts once again, here is my July Ort Jar. There are additional threads from Agneatha, some more from QS Iris, and some from a mystery stitch. .

Anyone who wants to join in the Totally Useless Stitch A Long, can still do so by clicking on YoYo's TUSAL.

As for my stitching updates, after finishing The Giving Sisters, stitching has been reduced to a bare minimum. A half hour or so in the evening, if I am lucky. So here are the quick updates:

Agneatha & The Apple. I had hoped to get this one done in time for the holiday season, but I'm not holding my breath, nor holding myself to any sort of schedule. I love stitching this one, and want to continue having fun.

Next in line is the HAED's QS Iris, which isn't so quick stitch. I've been in a slump over this project, and don't quite know why. As strange as it sounds it may have to do with the fabric colors, and the threads. Every time I start to work on it, my eyes feel very drowsy. All of those soft tones of greens and blues are too soothing!

And in hoping to alleviate that glare from the white fabric, which can also tire my eyes, I picked a soft gray, with a blueish cast, which does eliminate the glare, but I think contributes to the hypnotic affect.

I actually had decided to set this one aside for a while, without too much guilt.

So, without questioning my sanity, I decided to buy another HAED pattern that had caught my eye. It is a complete different style than anything that I've stitched before, but I love the fancifulness of it. Now the pattern has arrived, and I've got to find my fabric, and figure out what threads I need.

And, then a strange thing happened. .I got out my Iris to post a photo on the HAED SAL, and afterward, started studying it. For some reason, I felt compelled to sit down and stitch a bit, so I did, filling in the gaps that you're going to see in this photo. Maybe my new Luna kitty is already spreading her magic charms!

I knew for sure that the heat and humidity had gotten to me, when I added yet another project into my basket. This one, I've actually started, and am having a lot of fun stitching. .no, this isn't one that I've shown, or even mentioned. .in fact, I'm keeping it a mystery for a while.

And, if the first one of my friends who follow my blog, can tell me what the name of the pattern is, I will make arrangements for a gift certificate at 123 stitch for you, just for putting up with my sleepy blog!

Did I word that right? You have to be the first one to correctly name it. I will be posting updates regularly. .this is to keep me posting, as much as it is to reward you! And as time goes on, be giving little hints. I don't mean to be obtuse. I know that there are a gazillion patterns out there, but don't want to make it too easy either. And just think of all of the patterns that you may discover, while looking for this one!

I wish everyone who needs rain, including my poor plants, gets some, and those who have too much, some dry days. Everyone stay out of the heat if you can, and have a beautiful week!


  1. Great progress on the TUSAL. Love your current WIP..very colorful.

    Wish I knew the design....

  2. Hi Suzie,

    Don't know the design yet so you are going to have to stitch some more! :-)

    Love reading your updates and seeing your TUSAL additions. You have at least posted yours. I still haven't take my picture yet. :-)

    Windy Meadow

  3. Love your updates - like you, I refuse to feel guilty over putting something away that I'm not into ( well, maybe just a little). Love your Agneatha (I just adore the window design!)And I can't wait to see updates on your new HAED - such a beautiful design!

  4. I love how you've added the beautiful ribbon to your tusal jar! and I look forward to your progress pics on your wips! Agneatha is so very pretty with all those gorgeous colors!
    I agree with Carolyn, I'm not going to feel guilty if I'm losing the mood over a piece. You've made awesome progress on your HAED and if you need to take a break from it, we all understand:) Love the cat design you picked and I can't wait to see your new HAED start!

    I have no idea what your new start is, but I'm LOVING it!!! And you HAVE to show us more soon:)


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