Saturday, July 4, 2009

A Personal Celebration!

Getting back into stitching mode has been a challenge lately. Not only to find the time, but when it gets hot, I seem to lose my energy and motivation to do much of anything.

For a long time now, I've thought that the Stork dropped me much too soon. He probably saw an attractive lady Stork flying in the opposite direction, and gave no further thought to what he was supposed to be doing, nor to correct his mistake. Hence, I've been stuck in a climate that has temps that creep up into the 70's, the torrid 80's, and the totally exhaustible 90's, every so often. I'm not equipped to handle such extremes!

Spring is nice, but after about a week of Summer, I'm ready to head into a nice long, excitingly brisk Autumn, full of Fall color. I love Autumn so much I've been tempted for weeks now to switch the look of my blog to Fall & Halloween. To try and temper my yearnings, I even loaded a lot of Summer music that I used to listen to during my teen years, at the beach, while cruising, or hanging out with my friends. While fun to trip back down memory lane, it hasn't helped.

THEN, I got a reprieve! This whole past week, the temps stayed in the 60's, even tiptoeing into the upper 50's a time or two! Yippee!! I was back in the groove again! And I must not have been the only one, because quite a few new Halloween pieces have shown up on the Spooky Stitchers SAL that I belong to, which further fueled my inner fire. And last night, I did it!! I finished the stitching on The Giving Sisters!! Now I've got to get some fabrics that I think appropriate, to make a throw pillow, with this stitching being the main panel. I'm SO excited to have it complete!

My Ott light completely washed out the color of the fabric, which is an earthier wheat color, and the threads are Weeks Dye Works, and Sampler Threads. Even with having to restart it, it was a fun pattern to stitch.

AND, before I forget, or procrastinate any longer, I need to post my photo of my Ort Jar from June for the TUSAL. I actually did take this photo on June 21st, but obviously hadn't posted a photo of it yet. I thought it best to get in on here, before the next New Moon rolls around on the 21st of July!

It mainly has threads from The Giving Sisters added, with a few from my HAED Iris, which is so slow going.

The temps are supposed to rise again this week, along with my busy schedule, but hopefully, I'll reserve some energies to keep stitching, at least a little each week!

I hope that everyone has had a glorious, and safe 4th of July celebration!


  1. Congratulations on your finish, giving sisters turned out great. Glad the cooler temps are agreeing with you. I think Autumn is beautiful, but as I don't like winter at all, some of my joy of Autumn is lost as I know it means winter is coming.

  2. Great finish - brace yourself - hope the temps don't go back up too much for you!

  3. So glad to hear you got your weather reprieve!!
    Wish it would last longer for you:) It's only 102 degrees!!

    LOVE your witchy finish!!! Just adorable!!

  4. It looks fabulous! Congrats!

  5. The Giving Sisters look great! Yay!!! Glad we can post to your blog again too!

  6. What I wouldn't do for a little of that cool air!

    Your witchy sisters are so cute!


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