Friday, July 31, 2009

Fast Trip Down Memory Lane

I was just SO overcome by a fragrance triggered memory, I'm having to share, just to release my emotions a bit, and let the experience mellow.

I recently found out what a decades old problem was with my legs, and from now on, have to wear compression stockings. I actually found some that look like cotton knee socks, and am already trying to figure out a way of dying some. .if I've got to wear these things, which admittedly do make my legs feel great, then I want some artsy ones. .the black ones, yeah, I can live with those just find and dandy, but the white ones? I look at them as a blank canvas! But I digress. . .

It is recommended that you wash these socks in a delicate laundry soap, so I bought some Dreft. I haven't bought that brand since I first used it 40 years ago, when I washed my babies' clothes in it. Granted, it is liquid now, and it was powder back then, but to my great surprise, they haven't changed the fragrance.

When I poured that soap into that warm water, and the fragrance rose to tickle my nose, I was immediately zapped back in time, washing loads of tiny sleepers, and double loads of diapers (this was pre-disposable diapers, and I had twins, then another daughter, 2 years later). And it brought tears to my eyes. I loved washing their clothes, and then folding them into stacks of fluffy, soft, fabrics, ready to wrap around those sweet bodies.

I cherished those times, knowing that it would all pass to quickly, but having that Dreft explode into such an immediate response, brought back just how precious those times were to me, far beyond what time has tempered in my memories.

Fragrance triggered memories are amazing! We've all experienced the spells that the fragrances from midway at the county fairs put on us, and I swear that the enticing smells are more tangible than actually indulging in the treats. Or the smokey scents of burning leaves, now forbidden in a lot of communities, makes us think of crisp nights, cool, clear days, the vibrancy, yet mellowness of autumn.

What fragrance triggers have you experienced? I'd love to hear about them!

May you experience some new pleasurable scents today! Who knows what good memories they will bring back to you, years from now!


  1. Aww Susie...I understand.. I use Dreft for Nonni who has sensitive skin. Baby shampoo does that to me too!!
    One that I just delight in.... the smell of a saddle/tack shop. Leather and all the delicious things that are there!! I miss riding..I really do.
    The other..Plumaria from can make me cry..just loved it there and cried when we left!!
    Wonderful post hon, Sarah

  2. Ooo, I used Dreft for baby clothes...I must go sniff some and see if it does that to me too!

    Lily of the Valley flowers make me remember my Grandma Green's house.

  3. What a wonderful post you've shared with us:)
    You made me think back to my baby laundry days too! Thanks for that friend!

    Lately, I've smelled perfumes that remind me of my late grandmother...whom I loved dearly and miss terribly. I smell them in our home where no perfume has been...and not one of mine. Strange but comforting:)

  4. Blackberries cooked immediately send me memories of making blackberry tarts with my grandmother. No matter what kind of diet I'm on, you'll never see me turn down a blackberry dessert for that reason alone! They say that fragrances are one of the strongest triggers for memories around. I believe it, too, except I'd have to include music with that one. :)


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