Monday, June 15, 2009

Halloween Projects, Almost Complete & Brand New

We had to make our occasional trip back to the Mayo Clinic, and my hubby wound up having more testing done, than originally scheduled. No one can ever say that they aren't thorough!

But there was little time for stitching, nor the light for it. I've got to get myself one of those portable Ott lights for the motel room.

I did manage to get some more done on my Halloween project, The Giving Sisters though. It was the easiest one to take along each day, not requiring as many thread changes, and was smaller.

It is now SO close to being done, I wanted to complete it before posting a photo, but I'm way behind in my promise to myself, and couldn't wait any longer.

I'm amazed at how much my Ott light washes out the earthy color of the fabric. It actually looks like tea dyed fabric when you see it in natural light.

Since this one was near completion, and I'll need to choose another for my rotation, I was already sorting through my other patterns to see what caught my fancy the most.

Then, I got an e-mail showing new projects, and this one jumped out at me, leaping to next in line position. I think that it is a good pairing with The Giving Sisters.

It is the new Witches Stitch Too!! designed by Sandra Sullivan, from Homespun Elegance. I've got the pattern already, and this is the photo on the cover.

I've also got another project in mind to add. Something completely different in style than I've done before, but it just looks like fun. But I'll leave that for the next time!

I hope that everyone has a wonderful week, and may you find time to do something just for the fun of it!