Sunday, May 24, 2009

Work In Progress

Numerous things have kept me from doing much stitching, but to keep myself focused, I'll post my WIP. Two of the photos are duplicates that have already been posted on the appropriate SAL's. .I hope!

My first in The Giving Sisters, by Notforgotten Farms. This is the one that I had a good start on, then developed a hole in the fabric when gremlins got a hold of my thread snips, and I had to start all over again.

I'm not great on having to repeat the same pattern over again, especially right away, so I started in a different corner, and completed some new elements first, then tucked the repeats in, here and there, so it hasn't been too bad, and is a lot of fun to see it coming together.

My next project is another that has given me fits in the past, but hopefully is going along smoothly now, I say with fingers crossed!

Various fabric changes, then thread counts led to a delay in getting this Heaven & Earth design, QS Iris, going. And being that it is such fine stitching, it causes a lot of eye strain, even using the Ott light, so I don't realistically see marathon stitching sessions coming for this pattern. But it is fun anyway. The colors are much more vivid than show up in this photo.

And, I'm still working on my Agneatha & The Apple. I see now that there is another pattern out there with Agneatha featured. She must be a well loved kitty!

I haven't worked on her in weeks though, so this stitching was done quite a while back, but wasn't posted until now.
With any luck though, I should have her done by December. I'm continuing to think positive!
I hope that everyone has a very enjoyable, and safe weekend!


  1. 3 great wips!! I like your design choices Suzie!

  2. Your WIPs are gorgeous Suzie. I'm happy you are still working on Agneatha. The colors are so pretty. Great job!

  3. Lovely stitching! I don't like to repeat patterns either, so it's nice to see you approach it from a different angle and enjoy it!

  4. Your WIPS look fantastic. I have to say that the two witches are on my wish list and I LOVE how yours is turning out! Great job!

  5. your WIPs look great and I can't wait to see progresses on them.

  6. Great progress on your WIPs!! They're all lovely but I particularly love the Giving Sisters, because I've been wanting to stitch that for awhile now. Kudos to you for restarting it after having problems with it!

  7. Hey girl! You have a "no reply" email, so I had to write you here. In response to that SWEET comment you just left, YOU ARE JUST PRECIOUS!!!!! I just love to give things away, especially to people who appreciate it.
    Got it from my Grandmother. You never left her house without her making you take something with you;) (((HUGS)))

  8. Great projects, you do like the involved ones. Giving Sisters is so neat, hopefully this second start will go smoothly. Working in the repeat areas as you go sounds a good plan for keeping some of the frustration at a minimum.

  9. Thanks for stopping by and your kind words :)

    Your WIPs are lovely, kudos for persevering with the repeat stitching!


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