Friday, April 24, 2009

New Moon Posting For The TUSAL

No, no. . .I'm not trying to type by the available moonlight, about that city in Oklahoma! I'm referring to the Totally Useless Stitch A Long, that YoYo started on her blog, Dragon My Needle. The first link will take you to the SAL info page, and the second, to YoYo's current blog which tells more about her fun project!

The only requirements are to save all of your orts, scraps, floss wrappers, whatever, in a jar, or in some cases, jarS, and to post your "progress" on each New Moon! Now how difficult is that! lol

So here is my contribution for this month. .and please note that I have yet to frog all of those stitches from my Giving Sisters fiasco. (ALTHOUGH, a couple of helpful people have suggested that I try glueing the fibers together, and I figure it won't hurt to try! I'll post my success. .I'm thinking positive!)


  1. I've often wondered if the birdies would use them to help build their nests??? They would definetly add color to it:)

  2. I do know some people who put orts out for birds and apparently the birds are very appreciative. Love your jar, congratulations on your SAL progress you seem to be working so hard (he he he he he)

  3. Great start on your TUSAL jar!

    Best of luck with the repair!

  4. Great ort progress, lol! Loving the jar--I need to post mine too!

  5. Your TUSAL is coming along well - sorry to hear about your frogging...


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