Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New Header Photo

No, the new header photo is not of me and my family,(I'm not THAT old!) but it IS of my family. Well, part of it anyway, but way before my little branch sprouted on the family tree!

The year is approximately 1912, and that is my paternal grandparents in the middle, flanked by my Great Grandmother, and one of my Aunts! I love old photos, especially ones that mean so much to me, either of people that I knew, people that are part of my heritage, or places that are familiar to me, but in earlier times.

This photo covers not only my fondness for past generations of my family, but the locale is special as well. The park that they are in, is the very same park that my hubby and I frequent throughout the Spring through Fall, going to monthly antique markets, art fairs, and the weekly band concert in the park on Sundays, that has been a weekly happening that I remember going to from the time I was able to walk. Actually, the concerts have been taking place long before that!

But I remember those summer evenings, having gotten an ice cream cone from a local parlor where they still made their own, and walking over to the park, high above L. Michigan, and the river that flows into it, and finding an empty spot on a shady park bench to listen to the concert. And how they would have to stop playing when the train went through on the tracks below the bluff because it would drown out the music! And how lovely it was to watch the sunset out over the lake, and watch the lights come on, outlining the path of the roller coaster and the orb of the Ferris wheel that were a part of the amusement park that was perched on the edge of the beach.

It touches my heart that even though the band shell was torn down, and is now in a different spot in the park, and that the amusement park rides changed over time, since my grandparents rode them, as did my parents, and I, and then became so old, they were eventually torn down, that we can still go and listen to the municipal band play in the same park as my grandparents once did, and still get an ice cream cone that is made by hand.
While time and man has altered some things, others still continue on in a quiet, but rich tradition. In all of these years, each concert begins with Strike Up The Band, and my heart still races a little faster when I hear it, especially if we aren't to our seats yet, because it is a signal that you don't want to miss!

I can't help but wonder what my ancestors would think to see their photo, taken at a time when photography was just coming into availability for the common person, on something called a blog, that is part of the greater internet. Tying the past with the present. Progress and new inventions continue, but the principals remain the same.

There is something very special about being able to still enjoy things that you did as a child, and to know that generations before you, enjoyed the same thing, in the same place. I hope that each of you can find that same piece of magic for yourself, too.

Wishing everyone a joyous May Day!


  1. Suzie, I love the header and the blog background. Sooo pretty (and what a wonderful photo you have to treasure).

  2. Oh Suzie! What a delightful post!! I lost myself as I read about your lovely park!
    That is such a beautiful family picture and your background is gorgeous! I love old photos too. I love checking out every detail. So is it your paternal grandparents wedding day? It says "My Wedding Dress" at the bottom of the photo. This is truly a treasure!! (((HUGS)))

  3. How great that you have such a nice souvenir !! Cherish it ...

  4. LOVE your photo as well as the descriptive story--just great.


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