Sunday, April 12, 2009

Needle Threader Arrived!

My beaded needle threader that is hand made by Michele Sayetta, and part of my HAED prize from the drawing on the Our Friends of HAED SAL, arrived yesterday, and I thought that I'd share a photo of what it looks like, plus the adorable drawstring bag that the cute box was tucked into!

This photo doesn't show the true beauty of the main bead. .the intricacies are too tiny for my meager digital camera to capture, but suffice to say that I'm VERY pleased with it! It is too beautiful to use!!

Thank you SO much Michele!!


  1. Suzie, that is so beautiful. Congratulations again on your win!! (Love the chocolate bunny protection league in your sidebar!) :)

  2. Lovely - congrats again on the great prize!

  3. The chocolate bunny protection league is a hoot! There is a little something on my blog for you dated 17th April


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