Friday, April 10, 2009

A Cat-astrophe

Ah well, I had the best of intentions, but somehow the whole thing has taken on a life of its own, and I'm now at the mercy of my favorite felines.

Ripley turned his exposure as a scamp into one of celebrity and has let all of the glowing praises go to his sweet little head. Instead of being humbled, he has gloated to the rest of the herd, and now I have a Kitty-Coup on my hands.

To placate them and to save my furniture from being turned into material for making rag bags, and finding fur balls on my bed quilt, I've had to promise each and every one of them to post a photo of them on my blog too. I've pointed out that I couldn't guarantee that just because they would have their picture posted, didn't mean that they would gain the notoriety that Ripley did. After all, Magic had his photo on my blog a couple of months before Ripley did, and no one even noticed. But they're willing to take their chances, and want that one shot at a claim to fame.

Magic, living off in la-la land as his normal state of mind, hadn't even noticed his lack of comments until I brought it up. It was past my lips before I realized that the excitement of being on the Internet had roused him from his reverie. I tried smoothing it over by explaining that his was more of an off-the-wall candid shot, where he was sharing the image with some stitching, whereas Ripley, being the photogenic hog that he is, any time he sees the camera, liked posing for his mug shots, and wanted more taken in different poses, even when I said enough! I went on to explain that when stitchers are looking at photos, they have a tendency to zoom in on the stitching project, zeroing out anything else in the frame. He failed to comprehend. So, now I have to include another one of Magic too.

I did get them to agree that I don't need to post them all at once. I not want any readers to be overwhelmed with so much cat hair at the same time, so I tried to tactfully point out that if I spread out the use of their images, then they will each get their chance at the sole spotlight, and they won't have to share with anyone else. As conceited and arrogant as they all are, they eagerly and readily accepted, which I knew that they would.

They did demand the final approval on the photos that are posted. They don't want any used that make them look too fluffy (translate that to substantial in size), or any that make their eyes look like they are possessed by dark demons. They don't want embarrassing poses that may set them up for ridicule, or being made sport of. They've seen those messages flying around on the Internet of poor kitties stuffed in drinking glasses, or sleeping in toilets. They have informed me that they are much too classy for that kind of publicity!

So, I'm sneaking in this photo of Mysti. It doesn't show her off to her best, but it is one of my favorites of her. She begged and begged for a sunlamp, saying that all of the best looking felines have one, but I said no. .not only would a sunlamp fade out her beautiful silvery grey coat, but I didn't want her to run the risk of getting skin cancer on her nose! So just to be obstinate, she has taken up the habit of lying on this table, and pressing her face up into the light, letting the warmth of the bulb absorb into her fur. I fully expect that once she sees this photo shared for the world to see, that she will go into one of her snits that she uses to keep all of the other male kitties in line, so I'll have to go into hiding for a while. I'll make sure and grab my stitching before I make myself scarce.

I hope that everyone has a beautiful weekend!!


  1. That is the most beautiful photograph! She looks like she is in cat heaven!

  2. Mysti is gorgeous! Can't wait to see pictures of the other kitties!


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