Thursday, April 23, 2009

Another Award!!! Unlucky Me!!

Another Award!!! Whoopee. . . .

Usually when I get an award, I begin my story by sharing how excited I am to be getting it, which is always true. This one, to be honest, I'm not totally thrilled with, especially since I rightfully earned it. Confused? Please read on. But I should warn you. Have a hanky ready.

What is this timely, but unwelcome accolade, you ask? The Golden Boot Award, that's what! Not to be confused with the professional soccer award by the same name, nor the awards given to the technical folks who bring us our cinemas. .no, this humble award is given to people who want to give themselves a regal kick in the seat of the pants. Frogs may nor may not be involved, but they are not a requirement.

This is the result of one of those moments, that maybe you have had, where something that you just did, makes you, in quick succession, and not necessarily in this order; a.) wish that you could turn back the clock just a few seconds earlier b.) utter something in a variety of volumes, that you wouldn't want your grandchildren to ever hear you say, even though they hear a lot worse at school and from their friends, and c.) burst into tears, or come close to it, depending upon the severity of your most recent disaster.

This stage is quickly followed by a blank staring of disbelief and continual self-beratement of the quality and functioning of one's mind.

At this point, the award comes into play. By graciously accepting and acknowledging it, one can then move on to the next stage of calming assessing the damages, and arriving at the most logical and comfortable solution.

So. . . .I now accept this award for my most recent short-circuited-brain-cell-moment of ruining my stitching project, and having to start all over again.

I wish to thank myself for bestowing this honor upon me, and I will do my best to never ever earn it again, although in my heart of hearts, I know that I should keep room open on the mantle.

Ahhhh, I feel SO refreshed now! I can finally move on.

And what did I do to earn this latest badge of honor? Why, this is what I did!! I have been in a Halloween mood ever since the first day of Spring. .don't ask. .I'm just a "Fall Person", through and through. But I digress.

I'm happily stitching away on my latest Halloween project, "The Giving Sisters", and am just about to end my stitching session (WHY do these things always seem to happen when we are getting ready to quit? We should just follow our gut instincts), but I didn't like the color of the thread against the fabric that I had gotten from Silk Weavers, and wanted to remove it, so that I could start fresh with a new color, when I started my new stitching session.

I was aware not to rush, (because I KNOW what happens when you do) so I was staying relaxed and calm, but somehow, the tiniest thread of the fabric got frayed, and it snowballed from there. You know where I'm going with this. . yes, I wound up with a tiny hole, and when I tried to carefully stitch over it, hoping it would hold, you know as well as I do, and did, that it wouldn't work. All I earned was a bigger hole. So now, I've had to start all over again. That blemish that you see in the lower right corner is not a shadow or color on the fabric. It is the dreaded orafice.

On the plus side, at least I wasn't further along. I will at some point soon, ultra carefully remove the rest of the threads, cut off the ruined portion of fabric, and save the rest for another project. The threads will go into my ort jar for my entry in the Totally Useless SAL. I'm gaining fast!!

I know that it is tradition to share Blog Awards with people that you deem worthy, but I'm changing the rules a bit on this one. I most certainly don't want to bestow this award on anyone, nor do I want anyone to need it, but I'm happy to share it with anyone who feels that they would like to have it "just in case" they would ever have the remotest chance of needing it one day. It is rather cleansing to acknowledge the acceptance of such an award, and to then be able to laugh about it.

So, if you would like to save it, be my guest. Just right click on it, to copy and save on your own computer.

I hope that everyone has a stitchingly beautiful day!


  1. OHHHH NOOOO!!! Oh girl! I'm so sorry about your mishap:( But I have to say, I was between being sad and laughing in regards to your golden boot award you bestowed upon yourself.
    You absolutely have a glowing personality and such a positive attitude:) That's why you're one of my favorite blogging friends to visit!
    I think you just made lemonade...after life gave you lemons;) (((HUGS)))

  2. Ouch - sorry, but I have to say the way you told this dreaded tale had me laughing (hanging head in shame). Is there no way to save it? - possibly glue it from behind and have it not show or do what some designers tell you to do - put a button there! Ah well, we all need the Golden Boot from time to time. Sorry it was your turn...:)

  3. Poor Suzie, I'm so sorry you got the Golden Boot Award.

    It doesn't look like an enormous hole. If the area is completely covered in stitches you could try a layer of white glue, front and back. Let it dry completely before trying to stitch it and wash the finished project very briefly so as not to soften the glue.

  4. Well I'm sorry you had the need to award (and accept) this Golden Boot...but

    You know, there is a Hardanger technique for re-weaving threads back into a spot where they were cut wrong. I'm not sure I can really explain take a long thread off the end of your fabric, cut it in pieces at least two inches longer than what you need to cover the offending hole. You may need more than one thread... Then you take this thread and VERY patiently just weave it into the fabric where your hole is. You will need one thread piece for each thread that has been cut both up and down and across. When the threads are woven in across the hole and about one inch on all sides, it's very difficult to tell there is a patch -- especially if you are lucky enough to have to put cross stitches on top of it. Of course if you are cross stitching over these threads you count as if there was no "extra thread" there.

    If that isn't clear I'll bet you could google hardanger repair or something like that, I know I've seen pictures of this process on the web.

    I hope you find a good solution and don't have to start over.


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