Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What A GREAT Start To My Day!

A couple of days before we were to leave, I sat down, started up my computer, and found a message from Lynn B., to go look at her blog. It is one of my favorites that I follow, so I found that suggestion quite welcome. .and then she proceeds to knock my socks off by giving me an award!! I was speechless!! What a sweet, thoughtful thing to do!!! And I thank her from the bottom of my heart!!

And now, it is with great pleasure, that I share it with others. But this is also the part that is the hardest for me, because I feel like everyone who creates, inspires me, and deserves an award. But I'll stay within the guidelines, and keep it small. So, in no particular order, these are the people that I first thought of, and why. (And if you click on their names, you will see their blog!)

I won't turn around and send it back, but if I could, I would award it right back to Lynn, who not only inspires me with her projects, but with her love of the Victorian & Edwardian periods, her enthusiasm and humor. The more we chat, the more we find in common, despite an ocean between us, and I won't admit how many years! For your continued camaraderie, I thank you!!

Risking the Wrath of the Royal One, for putting her in the limelight, I can't let this award slide past one of my dearest, and closest friends, Pam, who is known to almost everyone, as Queenie. Besides, it will look smashing in her display case with her Royal Jewels!! Pam has done stitching in the past, and under my mild encouragement , has purchased the necessary threads and fabric to make some Biscornu, but she is currently exploring her beading path, and as I keep telling her, I think that she has found her true calling. With every creation that she seemingly, effortlessly makes, she continues to take my breath away with the intricacies, and her play of color. She has sent photos of pieces, that I'm begging her to put on her blog, and hopefully, some day, she will, but in the meantime, I know that her mind is a whirl with new ideas, anxious to be put into form. And as any artist knows, you can't let those moments get away! So it is with great pleasure that I present this award for your continued inspiration and creativity, along with your support and wicked humor!!

My next recipient has gotten a number of awards already, and for good reason. Not only is her stitching fun and inspiring, but her blog just makes you feel good, whenever you click on it! In fact, Sadie's Blog was my inspiration to start my own blog. I turned back to cross stitch as a diversion during a particularly stressful time in my life, and I happened to click on her blog to see her latest creation. It was while I was reading, and looking at her photos, that I realized that her music choices, along with her choice of blog design, her narration and her images were making me feel good!! She has also inspired me to have some fun working on smalls, and eventually, I'll get there!! Sadie may live an ocean away, but when I visit her blog, I feel like she lives just over the back fence, welcoming you anytime, with a smile on her face!

Jackie's Blog, is another one that I know when I log on, that I'm going to find something to make me smile, or as in the case currently, laugh right out loud! Not only is it enjoyable to see her progress on her beautiful stitching, and share her joy in her finishes, but her narrations and photos make you feel like you are part of the extended family, welcome in her home at any time. Her color choices on her blog reflect that relaxed, warm welcome. Well done, Jackie!

My next recipient also shares frequent updates of her wonderful stitching, and her choices seem to be ones that I'd love to do myself, so it is fun to see her progress. I have to be honest here. .whenever I click onto your blog, Kathy, I look at your photo, and your smile, makes me smile. You have got one of those megawatt smiles that emit so much glow, you could easily light up a town! (and a large one, too!) That happiness comes through your words, and your photos, and one can't help but feel good when they come visit your blog, which I do quite often!

Lizzy, you may be the last one listed here, that is simply a matter of logistics. But now, the challenge of putting what I feel into a few words. . .I love that you are SUCH a romantic, and aren't afraid to show it to the world, in these days when everyone seems to put up guards and shields! I love your fancifulness, and the creative ways that you have of expressing it. I love that you continually find hope in the face of potential sadness's, and continue to spread that positive energy with whomever comes to visit you. Your choice of colors & music create an atmosphere where one can't help but feel good. It is a pleasure to add you to my list.

There are other creative people in my life that I'd love to present this award to, also, but they don't have blogs, despite my urgings to do so. And you know who you are! See what you are missing?

I hope that you will all display your award with pride. Whether you want to share it with others is up to you. I know that sometimes time is the biggest factor, so there is no pressure here. This is just meant to be enjoyed!

Hugs to you all!


  1. Hi Suzie
    Thankyou so much for your kind words, the feeling is mutual!

  2. Suzie-

    Thank you so much for your kind words here on your blog and THANK YOU so much for your suggestions regarding my dilemma with Blackstone Fantasy Garden on my blog...

    Now to go add ANOTHER blog post so I can pass along the honor you've now bestowed upon me!!

  3. Dear Suzie, Thank you so much for your sweet, kind words... I am truly touched, inspired and deeply hounoured! :) You've touched my heart and brightened my week... thank you so much...

    Blessings, hugs and love always in stitches...

  4. I simply wrote what I feel! The words just flow from an unknown source when you have the inspiration!


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