Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Lighthouse

I realized after I had posted the header photo of the lighthouse, that I took years ago (pre-digital cameras), after a storm had passed through, and was breaking up, that this is the same lighthouse that is on the cross stitch project near the first entries of my blog.

The lighthouses on the Great Lakes are probably one of the most photographed features of Michigan and the surrounding states, and Canada, that border any of the lakes. Some lights are more accessible than others, but they are all awesome and unique.

Now with the navigational systems that are on all ships, and the larger boats, the lighthouses aren't needed like they used to be, and the Coast Guard is turning the ownership over to whomever will agree to maintain it. Thankfully, so far, either historic preservation organizations, or a banded group of citizens will form a special fund for maintenance of their local light.

We used to have an amusement park that ran along the beach, adjacent to the pier. It was so nice to walk out there at night, sit down and enjoy the stars sparkling across the sky, the gentle waves lapping at your feet, with the fragrance of fresh carmel corn, and warm taffy wafting across the water on the night breeze. The lights and sounds of the amusement park looked like a fairie land from that view, and I guess, in retrospect, it was a magical time, and I'm so happy that I was just the right age to enjoy it!

I still miss the loud, deafening drone of the old horn though, and the sweeping light out across the water. Even as a kid, it sounded secure, leading you out of the storm or the fog, into safe harbor.


  1. It is nostalgic, isn't it? Lovely picture you have here!

  2. Hi neighbor!! Both of those pictures are to die for. The water and the sky are absolutely beautiful Suzie. As for Agneatha With An Apple and your Iris QS, the colors in both of those are so rich... love them. Thanks for commenting on my blog and have a stitchy week-end! :)

  3. Thank you both for your kinds words. I took those photos over. .wow. .over 20 years ago! Time sure flies! But the water and the light still look the same. A nice constant in the face of the condos that now rub shoulders all along the shoreline.


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