Sunday, March 1, 2009

Coming In Like A Lamb

Even though we have had a few snowflakes flitting around today, and bitterly cold winds, I'd still say that March is coming in like a lamb. We have had sunshine even while it has been snowing, and no storms on the horizon, which is very good, since we will be leaving for Minnesota in just a couple of days.

And once again, I'm not getting everything done that I'd like to have done, when we leave, but my self-imposed deadlines are always out of reach, like I've torn up all of the remaining carpet! But I have two more days, so who knows what will happen. .let's see. .tear up carpet. . .do some stitching instead. .tough choice!!

This has been one of those stitching periods when I didn't feel like I was making much progress. Besides getting everything ready for us to leave, I'm still babying my eye (I may see those flashes of light forever, but I keep thinking positive, that they will eventually disappear). But when I took my weekly photo, I realized that I've gotten more done than I thought that I had!
I've noticed that these photos are losing a lot of quality in the transmission between my photo editing software and my blog. They are crystal clear until they are posted. I'm not pleased, and am going to have to figure out what to do about it.
My hubby is still in the process of gridding his fabric, so I won't post an update of his project this week. He is being so methodical about it, even though I keep telling him that he is going to be removing it, and that they are only guidelines. If he is this exact with his gridwork, when he actually starts stitching, it is going to be awesome, with each little "X" being perfect!
I have to chuckle inside whenever he sees a new section done on my projects, because he has to reach out and touch it, and lightly rub his finger over the stitching. I agree. There is something so neat about how the solid areas feel, like a woven tapestry. I love textiles anyway, and any time I venture into a yarn shop, I'm doing the same thing, reaching out and giving a gentle squeeze, or caress. There is just something about threads of any size or form that invites touch.
So now that March has tiptoed in, do we have to be on the watch for an uproarious Spring? Last year, we had storms and rain, and then more rain, with lots of flooding. We are on an ancient dune, with lots of trees and plants securing the sandy soil, so we don't have to worry about flash floods, or the river or lake rising up to our door, but we also have an ancient basement that wound up with a lake of its own, and a porch roof that now leaks. I don't want that to happen again. However, I do love watching the storms come across the Lake. Mother Nature sure puts on a spectacular light show, and people will drive down to the beach, and line up to watch the storm come in. They have done this since before I was born, and is a local event!
But for now, we'll keep our fingers crossed for calm weather this next week, so that our round trip to Minnesota will be uneventful. Then once we get back and settled in, it can rain enough for the plants to green up, leaf buds to open, and flowers start to bloom! Rainy days make good stitching weather!

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