Sunday, February 8, 2009

First New Cross Stitch Project

I've had a rather hodge-podge week, and didn't get a whole lot of stitching done, like I would have loved to do, but did manage to get started on Agneatha.

The "lines" that you see, are mono-filament that is used for gridding the fabric so that I don't get lost and have to do a lot of "frogging".

They are easily removed after the stitching is complete. Here is what the pattern is again, and how far I got this week.

I'm having so much fun stitching on this project, that I haven't wanted to go back and finish the older projects, nor start on any of the other ones. Perhaps once I get down into all of those shades of brown and grey in the fur, I'll think differently! But until or if that happens, I'll keep happily stitching along!

Someone on one of the counted cross stitch groups that I'm on, had the excellent suggestion of having a stitching journal, with a photo of the project, along with anything that you wanted to share about it, like when you started it, how long it took, if it was a gift, and for whom, etc. She also said that she adds the colors and brand of floss, which is good if repairs ever had to be made, or if you used specialty threads and someone wanted to stitch the design again.

So the last time that we went to the bookstore, I picked up a journal, preferring to add my own details instead of using a formatted stitching journal.

Don't ask me why I chose the cover that I did (it has a clear oval, like a picture frame, with the tower behind it on a separate card,). It just seemed right for what it was intended. The pages are aged and yellowed looking. Maybe I'll wind up adding some photos of my vintage textiles in the back, and then again, maybe I'll fill it up with my cross stitch projects! There are enough that I want to do, to fill 10 books!!

With that thought in mind, I guess I should go do something that needs doing, so that I have more stitching time!

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