Sunday, February 22, 2009

Valentine Papercutting & Cross Stitching Progress

I had a bit of a setback this past week, in that I developed an eye problem that could be more serious, and I'm still having to watch my eye very carefully, but am hoping that it is on the mend. But that meant that I couldn't do any stitching at all. I tried, but I could see well enough, and didn't want to make an error that I'd wind up having to undo, so I just kept looking longingly at it laying there. If all of the mental stitches could have found their way onto the fabric, I'd have the whole section done by now!

So this is actually where I was a week ago, today, even though I took the photo this morning.

I found that although I couldn't see well enough to stitch, I could eventually do some paper cutting. I had wanted to get this done in time for Valentine's Day, but couldn't. But shouldn't every day be like Valentine's?

This one is a two part, stand alone piece. This is one half, laid flat to see the details. The two identical pieces are then glued together along the vertical spine, and then opened to stand. My hubby loved it!

My hubby, Ed has been watching me stitch with growing interest, and since he can't get out to play with his remote planes much anymore, he needs a new hobby. So, I've been showing him how relaxing it can be, how there aren't any deadlines, it is easy to stitch, is methodical if you want it to be ( he loved that part!), and when I showed him the huge, almost endless varieties of patterns, he decided that he wanted to give it a try.

So we spent a couple of hours browsing my most used on-line supply shops, taking notes of the patterns he liked the best. We do have some restrictions though. He doesn't want to stitch on anything but 14 count, and wants to use a kit, "because everything that you need is right there". I don't want to discourage him, so we are starting out as he would like. Once, or if he gets into it, he may change his mind and want more diversity, but that will be his choice, naturally.

After going back over his list, he decided that he would like to try this pattern first, Chew Toy. As you can see, he has decided that he would like to grid, to have those guidelines, instead of winging it! But again, my primary hope is that he finds it fun, and no pressure, so gridding is what he has been doing, and a fine job too!

Now this week, there will be little time for me to stitch, even if my eyesight is better, because I have to get us ready to go back to Rochester, MN, the following week. And that will mean two days of nothing but driving, so no stitching, cutting, or other creative things. Just geting us safely there and then back home again. But maybe while we are there, I'll be able to make up for lost time, because I'm taking my projects with me, as usual!

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